This small hunters axe is hand made in Storvik Sweden with quality high carbon steel. From the manufacturers website:

A powerful and compact axe. Its slightly oversized axe head and short handle makes it very handy and dexterous. Bring this on your hunting trip to be well prepared for surviving in the wild. Use the polished poll to skin your kill.    

0.7 kg Turpentine Axe Head, Swedish carbon steel. 

3 inch blade, 6 inch long*.
Slightly rounded, sloped bevel, knife grinded to 24 degree angle*
56-58 RwC
16 inch curved Hickory handle


  • Hand forged with high carbon steels
  • Sharpens to a fine edge and holds it
  • Resistant to nicks and rolling with normal use
  • Similar in quality to Gransfors Bruks
  • Great value
  • Replaceable hickory handle
  • Easily manageable size and weight


  • Sheath does not include a dedicated belt loop
  • Less refined finish than Gransfors Bruks


When I carry an axe while hunting or camping this is it. The balance is great and the axe keeps an edge; what more could you ask for.

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Ratings and Pricing

FireLT: Rating – 9 out of 10

Amazon: Rating – 5 out of 5, Price Varies

Blade HQ: Rating – N/A, Price – $102.00


Gransfors Bruks Hunting Axe

Gerber Camp Axe

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